Mr. Abdul Subhan Misbah

Executive Director of Shining Star Educational Organization (SSEOA)

Mr. Abdul Subhan Misbah was born in Shakar Dara District of Kabul Province. He completed his primary and secondary education in Ghulam Haider Khan high school in Kabul city. Mr. Misbah obtained his BA in Law and Political Science from Kabul University in 2004 obtained his MA in Criminology from Azad Islamic University. 
Mr. Misbah worked as a professor of Law and Dean of Law and Political Science Faculty in different universities. He also worked with different national and international organizations as follow:

•    Executive Director with Shining Star Educational Organization (SSEOA)
•    Feb 2018 to present 
•    Election Specialist with Independent Election Commission- Kabul, Afghanistan Oct 2018- Mar 2019
•    Managing partner/USA-Legal Consultant with Misbah Maher legal Consultancy Services
     January 2016 -Present    
•    Senior Advisor to Karwan University Oct 2016 –Present
•    President / Owner of Misbah Sahil Legal Consultancy Services (MSLCS) Oct, 2012 – Dec  2015
•    Lead Afghan Legal Consultant      PAE/CSSP/Justice Center in Parwan (JCIP) – Parwan, Afghanistan Sep 2012 – Jun 2014  
•    Head of Law & Political Science Department/Lecturer with Karwan Institute of Higher Education - Kabul, Afghanistan (Part-Time)    Jan 2009 – Sep 2013
•    Senior Afghan Legal Consultant with Global Hub Logistic (GHL), Justice Center In Parwan (JCIP) - Parwan, Afghanistan Mar 2011 – Sep 2012
•    Deputy Executive Director/Lawyer with Legal Aid Organization of Afghanistan (LAOA) – Kabul, Afghanistan Sep 2009 – Feb 2011
•    Project Officer Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) – Kabul, Afghanistan Trainer) Apr 2006 – Aug 2009
•    Special Assistant to Secretary General/International Relations Officer with Lawyers Union of Afghanistan - Kabul, Afghanistan, Dec 2004 – Mar 2006
•    Research Assistant (Part-Time) Sep 2003 – Feb 2005
•    Thesis in Advocacy in Judicial System of Afghanistan (120 pages)
•    Method for disputes resolution in Afghanistan – Book (260 pages)
•    Obligatory Law – Book (365 pages)
•    Legal Manual for Justice Center in Parwan – Manual (70 pages)


Shining Star Educational Organization of Afghanistan (SSEOA) is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organization registered with Ministry of Economy with registration 4388.

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