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Women’s education is essential for the sustainable growth and development of Afghan communities.


Dear Friends,

Women’s education is essential for the sustainable growth and development of Afghan communities. Yet, sadly, in many regions of the country substantial obstacles exist for women when it comes to accessing education, finding work, and taking part in social, political and economic activities. It is my belief, and that of Shining Star Educational Organization (SSEOA), that these obstacles should be removed. Only when that happens, and women are equal members of society, will our nation prosper and thrive.

In most provinces of Afghanistan women do not have access to education. Girls’ schools are closed or do not exist. Due to the lack of security many families are not willing to send their daughters to school. Others don’t want their daughters to go to schools if there are no female teachers. Poverty and internal displacement are also barriers for women when it comes to getting an education.

Compared to boys, Afghanistan has not paid much attention to girls’ education. At the secondary level there are few schools for girls. In more than 50% of provinces, only 20% of teachers are female. Many children cannot attend classes because of the great distance they would have to travel to reach the school. In general, access to education for girls and women is lower compared to men.

SSEOA endeavors to promote education, especially for girls and women, and to offer livelihood skill training programs to communities in remote and vulnerable regions of Afghanistan. These opportunities will pave the way for them to succeed, and as a result Afghanistan will grow into the peaceful and prosperous nation we all know it can be.


Abdul Subhan Misbah

Executive Director, SSEOA   


Shining Star Educational Organization of Afghanistan (SSEOA) is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organization registered with Ministry of Economy with registration 4388.

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