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The individual and social positon of women have been interpreted in various ways in the course of history. Even today

The individual and social positon of women have been interpreted in various ways in the course of history. Even today, there are many misconceptions and misbelieves about women’s role in the society. There are still many barriers in women’s activities such as educational, social, political and economic as well as the women role in family and society is a big challenge in backward societies.  
Presence of women in all aspect of social life, women’s activities, women’s education, and women’s social, political, scientific, and economic efforts lead societies toward prosperity. 
Women’s education is essential for sustainable growth and development of communities. Train cadres in different fields can change the way of thinking toward women’s role in the society.  Increasing education level of women is very necessary to educate the upcoming generations.
There should be no obstacles for women to prosper and thrive because women are half of the society and they can play the same role as men in the society. 
In the backward communities due to unpleasant customs many obstacles are exist for women to work, to have access education and to take part in social, political and economic activities. 
Unfortunately, in most provinces of Afghanistan women do not have access to education, girls schools are closed or even not exist. Also, due to unsound environment many families are not willing to send their daughters to schools. Beside that some families don’t want their daughters to go to schools where there are not any female teachers. Moreover, insecurity, poverty and internal displacement of a big number of Afghans are other berries for women to get education.
In compare to boys, the government have not paid much attention to girls’ education. In the secondary level there are few number of schools for girls. In more than 50% of provinces, 20% teachers are female. Many children due to far distance cannot attend schools. In general, access to education for women is lower in compare to the men. The governmental authority should pay attention for girls’ education and pave the ground for them to easily have access to education. 
Shining Star Educational Organization of Afghanistan endeavor to promote the situation for girls and women education and livelihood skills in remote and venerable region of Afghanistan to enable them to become self-dependent economically. Afghan government should have close coordination with civil society organization to design educational programs such as literacy and distribution of educational materials for both teachers and students. 


Shining Star Educational Organization of Afghanistan (SSEOA) is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organization registered with Ministry of Economy with registration 4388.

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